Top 5 Tips for Successful Content Marketing

The Small Business Administration recommends that entrepreneurs reach more customers by getting their businessses out on the Internet with different types of Web content, such as articles, sales brochures, email autoresponders, and newsletters. When creating a content marketing plan for your business, use the following tips to increase your chances of success.

Consider your target audience

If your company sells baby blankets and clothing, new and expecting mothers are your primary target audience. Ask yourself what types of information they are looking for and what phrases they might type into a search engine when seeking information and products. An online tool for keyword research like Google Keyword Planner will provide you with a list of related phrases. These phrases can help you develop content ideas, and if you incorporate them into your content, they can also help drive traffic to your website.

Aim for a mixture of keyword phrases with high and low search volumes for search engine optimization (SEO). Those with low volumes are niche phrases, which are especially helpful for unique products and highly competitive markets.

Provide useful information

Many Web marketers make the mistake of creating content for search engines rather than human readers. Use keyword phrases as a general guide, but don’t overdo them. Instead, provide your website readers with valuable content to keep them on the page and entice them to return for more. One effective strategy is to publish informative content in addition to sales pages. For example, a company that sells yarn could publish knitting tutorials.

Comply with Internet marketing rules set by the Government

When promoting a product or service, you want to highlight the benefits of the product and show your readers why it’s in their best interests to make a purchase. However, you must be careful with the claims you make in your content, especially for health products. The Bureau of Consumer Protection notes that claims must be substantiated and that marketing materials must be entirely truthful. If you plan to use testimonials and product reviews on your website to promote your company, use should also use actual reviews from your customers.

Publish professional content

Whether you write your own Web content or hire others to write it for you, ensure that your material is well written and properly structured for Web readers. Typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors in the content can harm a company’s image and send readers elsewhere for information and services. If you create your own content, consider hiring an editor or proofreader to check it over prior to publishing. If you hire others to write for you, check their portfolios and the amount of experience they have with your type of content.

When writing for Web readers, aim for short paragraphs and simple sentences. Consider the visual appeal of your website as well. Certain fonts and color combinations can make your content difficult to read. If you’re unsure about the layout, consult a Web designer for assistance.

Update your content frequently

Try to publish new content at least once per week, especially if you use a blog to market your products or services. Active websites appeal to both readers and search engines, and a large volume of content increases your chances of reaching more people. You don’t necessarily have to put all the content on your own website. Consider publishing articles on e-zine websites, sending email newsletters to customers, and offering short e-books related to your company’s products.



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